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I had been part of a sleep-cognitive restructuring group years ago and slipped back into bad habits. This app is easy to use and well worth the time. More important, sleep is improved.

Great app!

Some minor glitches (asking me to login occasionally, intermittent video play, etc.), but very helpful and effective.


Had no sound at first but contacted support who were excellent and helped me get sound up. So far so good. Still in the logging phase. I also checked out a book from the library to use with this app so together Im hoping it will help.

If you have insomnia, PLEASE use this app.

I've had a depression/anxiety diagnosis for two years now. One of the main issues I've had is early awakening (around 3:30 am). I knew about cbt-i and the basics of how to do sleep restriction, but I needed guidance. I looked for an app for ages but could never find one until Night Owl. Previously, I would go 3-4 days on 2-3 hours sleep and I function best on 8-9. Now I'm getting 7-9 hours of good sleep a night. Every step of cbt-I will be explained to you. You will need to truly invest in the program. Each week, you learn a bit more about sleep and why you'll be adding that week's step. It will help you calculate your sleep needs and recalibrate your sleep cycle. IT WORKS. You will need to be prepared to let your brain catch up with what's happening, but that's why it takes 56 days. Commit to it and I promise you'll sleep better. I am. Support is also pretty awesome- they get back to you quickly and know exactly how their app works.

A Digital Sleep Psychologist

I am a psychiatrist keen on utilizing the most beneficial and least harmful interventions. For insomnia, we throw a lot of people on medications. These medications don't work directly on the sleep system and cause cognitive impairment, memory loss, dependency and other issues. Research time and time again shows that these medications really aren't that effective, and the work by knocking out your memory so people don't remember they had a poor night of sleep. I have been using this app myself and have been recommending it to clients. If someone is not on a sleep medication, unless it is very severe it insomnia, I require them to undergo a course of time due to behavioral therapy for insomnia. This app of course is very good; it's accessible and cheap. It's a very comprehensive program and I can vouch for its science and application. I have learned a lot myself about sleep through the lessons that the app provides. I could not believe just how many false beliefs I had about my own sleep, and sleep in general. The lessons and application are profound. People undergoing this app or a course of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia me to realize that this is a process. These are sleep habits and beliefs built over time, they are not going to work immediately. This app works to reset the sleep cycle and it takes time and effort to do so. A tip for using this app. In the sleep diary, you just have to roughly remember how many minutes you were awake in the night and do not have to base that off of the time you woke up. Trying to calculate the minutes from the time you woke up early is harder than just estimating it roughly.

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